Cost of Living in New Zealand: Evaluating the Living Expenses and Housing Alternatives

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Cost of Living in New Zealand: Evaluating the Living Expenses and Housing Alternatives

Dreams of studying, working, or settling down abroad often lead people to New Zealand. This stunning island nation, nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, draws individuals globally with its mesmerizing landscapes, warm-hearted residents, and superior quality of life. However, prior to making a move to New Zealand, it’s crucial to grasp an understanding of the living expenses and various housing alternatives.

New Zealand Cost of Living: Exploring Living Expenses and Housing Options

Examining the Living Expenses in New Zealand

When compared to numerous other nations, the living expenses in New Zealand are relatively high. As per Numbeo, a platform that offers data regarding living costs around the world, living expenses in New Zealand exceed those in the United States by 5.75%.

Various factors like one’s lifestyle, the region of residence and whether you’re based in the city centre or not, influence the cost of living in New Zealand. Housing tends to be the biggest expenditure, followed by food, transportation and leisure activities.

Exploring Housing Alternatives in New Zealand:

New Zealand provides a diverse array of housing alternatives, ranging from urban apartments to sprawling rural homes. Your choice of accommodation will hinge on your budget, lifestyle, and preferred location.


In cities, apartments are a popular choice and typically more economical than standalone houses. For instance, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Auckland can range from NZ $1,500 to NZ $2,000, contingent on the location and the apartment’s condition.


While standalone houses come with a heftier price tag than apartments, they offer additional space and privacy. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand states that the average house price across the nation stands at NZ $850,000, with the cost fluctuating based on location, size, and property quality.

Rural Homes

For those desiring a peaceful, rural lifestyle, New Zealand has a multitude of options. Rural homes with ample land are usually less costly than city homes, with prices varying based on the property’s location and size.

International students also have alternatives such as student hostels, homestays (living with a local family), or flatting (renting an apartment or house) solo or with flatmates.

Renting a House or Apartment

Rental costs in New Zealand are largely influenced by the location and are typically calculated on a weekly basis. The average weekly rental cost for a small one or two-bedroom home is around NZ $ 400, while a two- to four-bedroom apartment or house costs approximately NZD 530. Auckland is the priciest city, with rentals ranging between NZD 600 and NZD 850 per week, depending on the accommodation size.

Relocating to New Zealand can be a rewarding decision, provided one comprehends the living expenses and housing alternatives beforehand. Despite the relatively high living costs, New Zealand caters to different budgets and lifestyles with its variety of housing options. With meticulous research and planning, one can pinpoint their ideal home in New Zealand that aligns with their needs and financial capacity.

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